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TLM - the webportal for teachers who wish to create fully personalized material for their classes!

The new version of TLM is now available. All the previous tools have had new features added such as; using your own images from your computer, saving your work in your own account and custumizing the worksheets with font and border colors.

You now have

  • 24 new tools to make worksheets with.
  • 6 online quiz/test tools to create your personal touch in the assignments for your students.
  • the possibility to use your own photographs & images in the worksheets
  • hand-drawn images, graphics and photographs translated into different languages (the illustrations and graphics can also be downloaded). 
  •  ready made material packages and flash card sets that you can download and use in your classes.
  • ready made grammar and vocabulary exercises in the exercise bank for you to create your tests and quizzes with.
  • the option of sharing your material and images with other users or the choice of keeping them private.
  • sign in with your Facebook or Google account

The 59 languages available can all be criss-crossed in the tools for bilingual material just like before.

Albanian Arabic Bahasa Bulgarian Basque Cantonese
Catalan Cornish Croatian Czech Danish Dutch
English English Phonetics Estonian Farsi Finnish French
Gaelic Galician German Greek Hebrew Hindi
Hungarian Icelandic Italian Japanese Korean Kurdish
Kurmanji Latin Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian Maltese
Mandarin Norwegian Pashto Pinyin Polish Portuguese
Punjabi Romanian Russian Saami Scots Serbian
Somali Sorani Spanish Swedish Tagalog Tigrinya
Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese

Other features on the site:

The LOUNGE is where registered users can create exercises in the exercise bank that can be used online by the students. You can create exercises with pictures, multiple choices, gap fill, reading and listening comprehension. 

The exercises can then be added to quizzes that you can publish online in the TLM test section, or you can copy the code to add them to your own website, blog or social media. You can create an online test/quiz with all the different styles, .pdf the test as well and e-mail a printable version to your students.

To create a quiz you choose add new, click the appropriate sections you have created (or use some of the ones we have made) and write a name for the quiz and publish. Then click all quizzes, choose your quiz and send it to your students or copy the link to your webpage. You can also see who has  done the quiz and how they performed by clicking ""report.  

Class management is also a new feature in TLM. You can add your students' e-mail addresses to the system, and then add the students to the classes you have created. When you want to send your students a quiz or a test, all you need to do is choose the class/students and submit an online test or a .pdf version.

Sign up now for free to get access to the site - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Happy teaching!

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